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Installing The Perfect Lawn: 5 Perfect Grasses

There’s a lot of ways that we can elevate the look of our homes. From a fresh coat of paint, a renovation, and even the addition of light installations, little changes can go a long way in updating the overall feeling your home exudes. But if you’re looking for something a little more striking, perhaps it’s a good idea to look into getting a new lawn, or updating your existing one.

Figuring out the best lawn for your lifestyle is key to ensuring that it lasts throughout the seasons. Below, we’ve got the 5 best grasses that would suit you and your family’s needs.

Empire Zoysia

Looking for an easy to care for lawn, with a strikingly lush colour? You’ll love the Empire Zoysia because it doesn’t need too much water or fertilisers to flourish and grow, no matter the weather. If you don’t like mowing too often, this lawn is also slow-growing enough that you can get away with mowing for as little as four times a year! It’s easy to install with a roll on lawn installation, too.


If your family loves to play on the grass, and you’re always out on your lawn areas, this might be the best choice for you. Extremely hardy and long-wearing, you’ll find that kikuyu is a lawn that is often used in parks and school campuses because of its resilience to high foot traffic. Vibrantly beautiful, and can even withstand rough play from big dogs and kids alike, you’ll love this lawn for your active family. Just be mindful of garden beds without edging, as this is one of the lawn types that are invasive.

Sir Walter 

Wanting a lush, green lawn that is both hard wearing yet still soft? If you love spending time on your lawn, and have kids who love to play in the sun, this is the best lawn for you. A soft leaf buffalo lawn, it’s a great all-rounder on the market that’s popular because of its shade tolerance.


After a soft lawn that you can lay on to rest and relax in the afternoons? With its extremely thin leaves, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your lawn will look, almost like a bowling green. What’s more, it can be cut very short, too, which means a longer period between mowing your lawns.

Wintergreen Couch

Wanting a native lawn with a beautifully vibrant shade? This is popular for its hardiness, and can withstand lots of conditions at a lower cost than other lawns. However, if you’re planning to have landscaping and garden beds without any edging, this may be affected by the wintergreen couch’s invasiveness, so it’s best to consult with a landscaper to find out if this lawn is the best fit for you.

Lawns can take your home from drab to fab. Not only can you use this new outdoor space for play and recreation, but it just adds that extra push to elevate the look of your residential space. And if you’re after the best roll on installations in Perth, it’s best to consult the expertise of experienced landscapers for a lawn that looks, and feels, fabulous. You can also rest easy, knowing that you’ll get the best quality lawns, as well as the right advice, to take care of it for the years to come. So if you’re looking for high quality Perth lawn installations, it’s a great idea to do your research. Some contractors even offer a free site consultation, and quotation, so you know what goes into installing your new lawn.

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