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Things To Know About Thermostats

There are more and more homes with thermostats installed with schneider electric. These devices are related to the temperature and control of the home. However, there are still many people who do not know their function.

What Is A Thermostat?

A thermostat is defined as the natural evolution of the thermometer. Its primary function is to measure the temperature of a particular place and manage and regulate said temperature depending on whether it detects that it is cold or hot.

This definition is quite complex in terms of what a thermostat is. It is essential to know how it works and the types that exist, and therefore the characteristics of each one.

Some of the essential characteristics of its operation are that it is responsible for opening or closing the electrical circuit of the heating system or the refrigeration one. They also carry out a series of measurements beyond the internal temperature, such as the humidity level, the CO2 concentration, or the external temperature.

Types Of Thermostats

Having a heating or air conditioning thermostat installed at home is always recommended. Each of them has its advantages and a series of essential characteristics to know which one fits in your home.

  • Analog thermostats: also called mechanical ones, are the simplest and, at the same time, the oldest; therefore, they are the least recommended in homes that want to get better use of energy.

The analog thermostat has an on and off mechanism that only allows you to stay in these two positions and set two temperatures, one for the night and the other for the day. Its primary function is to activate and deactivate the heating based on the interior temperature and variables that it detects, such as the lifestyle of the people in the house.

  • Digital thermostat: The digital thermostat has better quality and better precision than the previous ones. The main characteristic that differentiates it from analog is a digital liquid crystal display where other measurements can be obtained apart from temperature.

The operation of the digital thermostat is more complicated than that of the analog; however, its objective is to improve the control of the house’s temperature. This thermostat allows you to set the temperature at any time of the day or for the desired time interval. They can also be programmed based on the routines of the people who live in the house, known as programmable thermostats.


This thermostat is designed to be placed anywhere in the house, and not only that, but it can be controlled from a distance. The purpose of this thermostat is to improve people’s comfort.

This thermostat is recommended to be used for an independent heating system. They are also programmable and have a screen to display the collected data.

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