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Innovative Architecture and Design for Commercial Projects

Within the world of architecture there is always a big difference between the way you design buildings for commercial use than for residential purposes or for public buildings. You may think that the major concern for all commercial projects in architecture is to provide a functional space that can maximise profits no matter what industry the business that uses it is working within, but there is still always plenty of scope for innovative architecture and design for commercial projects, and it can be an exciting area to explore.

It isn’t that simple a task to put together the design of a commercial structure. The function is, of course, a primary concern, but it is never the sole purposes of a building. There is always that desire to make a new building stand out, to ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing, that it is comfortable for those people who will be spending so many hours of their lives working there, and inviting to ensure that customers and clients want to enter the buildings.

Depending on the type of business that will be housed within a building, it might also be the case that there is a need for flexibility and adaptability over time. It could be that the building has to adapt in the future, to change the shape and the form of the interior (and sometimes exterior) of a building to ensure it meets new tastes and demands of consumers, that it meets regulatory requirements, and that it fits the desires and comfort of employees.

There are always going to be little touches and flourishes that go alongside the broad strokes of the design of a commercial space, and commercial architects understand these nuances and how to make everything sing in harmony and to futureproof in some way. You can never fully foresee design trends, but you can ensure your space is viable for the foreseeable future and can be adapted easily enough when required.

Sustainability is key in modern parlance, and this should always be included as one of the principles of any new commercial building design. The desire to be green as a company is now a standard across the board, and you should be looking to include renewable practices and systems within every commercial space. This can be in the way waste is collected, stored, disposed, and recycled, or the water and heating systems installed.

The wellness of the employees and customers/clients should also be considered within the design and planning stage of a new commercial build. Health is an on-going concern and as most of us spend a huge percentage of our time in the workplace, it is important that wellness is reflected in design. This can also be seen in how commercial spaces utilise communal areas that can build a sense of community. This goes for both employees and customers, building an authentic experience that increases genuine interactions and relationships, whilst maintaining a space that can be focused and conducive to high productivity and profitability for the business that uses that particular commercial space.

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