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How to Create That Bohemian Look in your Home

The Bohemian lifestyle emerged in the 1970s, with intellectuals who led very unusual lifestyles, who had a love of fine art and simplistic design, and this style is all about uniqueness and individuality. If you live in a coastal area, your home is made for the Bohemian look, as the beach and the Bohemian style are one and the same, with natural wickers and dried grasses weaved to perfection to create functional and very attractive home accessories.

White Walls

This absolutely has to be the background for a Bohemian setting, or at least a very light pastel, as this will allow you to contrast items perfectly. A good quality emulsion, with several thick coats will provide the perfect backdrop.

Natural Materials

The Bohemian concept involves the use of natural materials; grasses, cottons and other natural fibres should be evident. Check out the stunning range of Bohemian home accessories to be found at Coastal Luxe homeware, where you can find the very best homeware in the unique Bohemian style, and all at affordable prices too.

The natural materials used include the following:

  • Hemp
  • Wood
  • Sisal
  • Cotton
  • Grasses
  • Rattan

Weaving is the order of the day, with chunky knots and even some seasoned thick rope adorning the walls, and with an online supplier, anytime you wish to view a few accessories, you can browse their site and when you find what you’re looking for, proceed to the virtual checkout.


The Bohemian style embraces different cultures, so a few Buddhas or Turkish wall paintings are never out of place. Moroccan lanterns and Chinese vases can really add some depth and contrast to the setting, so do try to create a cosmopolitan ambience.

Keep it Casual

The Bohemian look is all about comfort and freedom, so avoid anything formal, like furniture hard, straight lines, as this goes against the flowing and ruffled look. One idea is the spend an hour browsing online, not looking for anything in particular, and you might come across a stool or set of cushions that are made for your décor, and if you don’t see anything inspiring, there are lots of online suppliers.


There are so many textures that can be used when creating a Bohemian ambience, with coarse material like hemp, dried grasses, and stipple walls are a great way to bring in texture. There doesn’t have to be any uniformity with this casual style, which is one of the reasons it is so popular, and people note that they find it easier to relax in such an environment.

Baskets and Planters

Made for this informal look, weaved hemp baskets and planters can be carefully place in corners or small spaces, and when combined with dried grasses in various shades of light green and brown, you have the perfect look.

The great thing about the Bohemian look is the freedom to create a unique setting, and by avoiding anything synthetic, your natural based décor will certainly make you feel relaxed.

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