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Fibreglass Pools vs. Concrete Pools

Are you considering installing a pool? Have you thought about what type of pool you are looking for? There are various different types of pools on the market, so when you’re considering installing a pool, you should take a close look at all the options. A popular type of pool, especially for inground builds are fiberglass pools.

As with any type of pool, fibreglass has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages of a fibreglass pool greatly outweigh the disadvantages. The initial cost of a fibreglass pool is more expensive than other types of pools. In the long run, they are much cheaper to maintain. Pool owners will discuss their regrets of not installing a fibreglass pool in the first place. This is because the lifetime cost of maintenance of other types of pools greatly exceeds fibreglass pools.

Prevents Algae Growth

The gel coat of a fibreglass pool is algae resistant. You may have seen a friend’s pool look green because of algae buildup. Algae will quickly proliferate on porous substances such as concrete. Algae can hide in concrete and cannot hide on fibreglass. A concrete pool owner will use a myriad of chemicals to address algae growth. They will continue to steel-brush the concrete surface each week. Every three to five years, they will also have to use an acid wash. Lastly, concrete requires resurfacing every 10 to 15 years.

On the other hand, the gel coat on fibreglass prevents algae growth. You will not have to pay for algae removal or spend hours attempting to remove the algae yourself. It will save you hundreds of dollars on chemicals and labour.

Mitigates Injury

The gel coat of a fibreglass pool is smooth. Your friends, family, and children can swim knowing that they will not scrape themselves on the surface. Concrete pools often cause injury. If someone scrapes themselves while swimming, you could be held liable under your insurance.

When you are looking to install a large pool, you may want extra seating in the pool. Fibreglass pools incorporate seating and stairs. Your family and guests can relax and socialise as well as play and exercise. You will not have to purchase detachable stairs to get in and out of the pool. Detachable pool stairs and seating can scrape the surface of your pool, increasing the cost of maintenance and repair.

Fibreglass Is Better

You will find that the installation process is much faster than concrete pools. Fibreglass pools are an investment. They will increase the value of your property. They are cheap to maintain and provide fun for the whole family.



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