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A Guide to Building your Dream Home

For most people, the opportunity to design and build their dream home remains firmly fixed in the world of dreams, yet if you are one of the lucky few who have the resources to have your home built to your exact specifications, there is indeed much to consider.

Designing your Very Own Living Space

There are custom home builders in Brisbane that will listen to your ideas and put together a design that is a true reflection of your lifestyle, and by using a builder with a wealth of experience in building to order, your concepts can be turned into reality. The custom builder would have several popular home styles, yet they are always happy to work with the client regarding every aspect of the build, and with their design expertise, you are guaranteed to be pleased with the final blueprints.

Think Smart

If you are building a home in this day and age, you absolutely have to incorporate clean and renewable energy, which comes in the form of solar panels and a set of lithium-iron home storage batteries. There is also a smart control system that stores energy when you have low power needs, and when everyone is at home, you have all the power you need, even though the sun has gone down. The solar energy system can be hooked into your smartphone via the app, allowing you to control the system from any location, and monitor every aspect of your energy.

Composite Materials

By making good use of composite materials, you are keeping maintenance to a minimum, and with light, strong and very durable materials, your home will stand the test of time. Composite material are eco-friendly, and your home should be made from sustainable materials with excellent insulation qualities.

Your Choice of Builder

There are custom builders that offer an all-inclusive service from initial design to completion, handling all the local authority permissions and permits, and as they have a complete range of tradespeople such as carpenters, plumbers and electricians, they can work to the timeline without delay. The design team would be the first people you would interact with, and once the design is approved, a schedule would be set, and as the builder doesn’t outsource anything, the average build takes 4-5 months, rather than the normal 8-10 months.

Landscaping the Property

There are builders who are experienced at landscaping their builds, and this can be incorporated into timeline, and when completed, your home and garden are ready for occupation. Think shading and plant suitable trees in all the right places, and with a nice timber decking terrace, you can make the best use of your outdoor space.

Home Styles

There are several popular styles found in NSW that include the elegant Hamptons, which is really a coastal open look, while the modern home with straight lines and hard materials is also a popular choice. The classic Pavilion style is ideal for Queensland, with great shading and multiple layers, and using natural stone is another option.

With the help of an experienced custom builder, your dream home will be a place that is designed around your lifestyle and needs.

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