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4 Best Tips On How To Care For The Garden At Home

Taking care of the garden is an activity considered therapeutic by many people. After all, having a refuge in your own home to rest, relax and get in frequent contact with nature is totally within reach, and it is not even necessary to spend fortunes on landscaping.

You also do not need to dedicate all your free time to take care of the plants, as small details already deliver great results. Throughout the post, we explained the possibility of creating a garden full of flowers and leaves wasting life, with easy maintenance and excellent ability to enhance your home even more or better still invite a commercial landscaper.

  1. Take Care Of The Lawn

A garden with a green lawn and a well-cut lawn is simply a dream. However, not everyone likes or has time to keep it trimmed and free of weeds. If this is your case, but you still don’t give up on the grass, a good option is to reduce the space, leaving the green only in flat and level places.

It is unnecessary to collect the dry grass: you can sweep it to the beds next to the lawn, which serves as fertilizer. In areas where the grass has been removed, place a tarp and cover it with gravel. In addition to reducing the work with green, this practice adds a touch of sophisticated landscaping to your garden.

  1. Improve Soil Quality

Before planting, to properly take care of the garden, the ideal is to revolve the soil to make it soft and sandy. Then, add organic fertilizers and substrates, which help in the development of the vegetables. After all, a well-nourished plant grows with ease and strength, becoming less susceptible to pests and other diseases.

In general, the garden needs to be fertilized every three months. However, flowering plants should receive fertilizer monthly. Even if you choose sprayed fertilizers, it is essential to turn the earth over from time to time. When you notice that the soil is very compact, do this and take the opportunity to fertilize it.

  1. Remove Weeds

Weeds steal nutrients from the soil, harming flowers and foliage. In addition, they give an aspect of poor care to the garden. In order not to spend too much time removing weeds, decrease the space where they can grow. A widely used technique is to cover the soil with canvas, leaving holes only for the plants.

This practice reduces the risk of weeds being born and maintains soil temperature and humidity. To make your garden even more beautiful, you can cover the canvas with pebbles or pine bark, which are easily found in garden houses and florists.

  1. Always Water

Water is a fundamental element for your plants to develop well, and the seeds need to be watered daily. On the other hand, the seedlings have a little greater independence but still require a lot of care until complete adaptation. It is recommended to water in the morning or the evening, never while the sun is falling on the plants, as this burns the leaves and can even kill them. Never soak the soil. Otherwise, the roots are at risk of rotting. Water just enough to make the soil moist. The best way to check the need for watering is to touch the soil with your finger: if it is dry, you can water it until it is moist.

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