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3 Ways to Better Insulate your Home

If you are a UK homeowner, you know all about the freezing winters we have to endure and home insulation is critical if you want to be warm and comfortable throughout the winter months. It is expensive to generate heat, regardless of your heating system and the last thing you need is an escape route.

Here are a few cost-effective ways to improve the insulation in your home.

  1. Double glazing – Heat quickly dissipates through a single pane of glass and as the average house surface is 45% windows, that’s a lot of heat you are losing. A choice of aluminium or uPVC frames ensures your new windows will stand the test of time and some UK homeowners report energy savings of up to 60% when they install double glazing.
  2. Loft insulation – Even if you have one layer of loft insulation, adding another will result in lower heating bills and the last Rockwool products offer high insulation properties. Once you have good loft insulation, you can talk to one of the wood burning stove companies in Christchurch and spend a cosy winter in front of a real fire.
  3. Cavity wall insulation – Special foam is Injected into the cavities of your external walls, which really does keep your valuable heat where it is most needed. Search with Google to find a local cavity wall insulation company and ask them to pay you a home visit to discuss the project.

Now is the perfect time to inspect your home and see how you can improve on the existing thermal insulation and that will make the winter blues disappear!

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