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3 Tips For Keeping Your Knick-Knacks And Collectibles Better Organized


If you have a lot of collectibles and knick-knacks that you’ve sourced over the course of your life, you likely want to have them be a part of your home as well. However, many people have a hard time keeping these things organized and not allowing them to take over certain rooms of their home, especially if they’ve been collecting these items for decades. So whether you’re needing to pare down your collection and get things more contained or you’re going to be moving into a new assisted living facility and want to find a better way of displaying these things, here are three tips for keeping your knick-knacks and collectibles better organized. 

Use Furniture To Keep Things Contained

One of the best ways to keep collectibles and knick-knacks organized is to have a specific area where you keep and display these things.

To do this, consider getting some furniture that you devote solely to these collections. You can use things like hutches, cabinets, and other furniture that you can place throughout your home and use to showcase your favorite items. This can help you to stay better organized because when you have something that won’t fit into this space, you can either rearrange or figure out which items to store or get rid of. 

Find Ways To Hang Things Up

If you don’t like the cluttered look of displaying your collections on flat surfaces throughout your house, you may want to find a way to hang these things up so that they take up less horizontal space in your home. 

Depending on what it is you’re collecting, you can display items on cork boards, using magnets, in frames that you hang on the walls, or in shadow boxes. With all of these display options, you can usually find a way to put the items on the walls or other surfaces so that you can easily see what you have without having them get in your way. 

Reorganize Your Clustered Collectibles

To keep your collectibles more organized in your home, you may want to try clustering things together in different places throughout your space. However, just having things placed on a shelf or flat surface can make your space look rather cluttered.

To combat against this, try reorganizing your clusters of collectibles so that you use other items to break up the knick-knacks. You can also use things like platforms to help you play with height and give your collections more visual interest. This can help them to look much more like organized decor in your space. 

If you have collectibles that you feel are taking over your home and need to be a bit more organized, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find ways to make organization more natural and beautiful.  

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